Orgel- und
Thomas Reilich
What we do

Here is an overview of the services we offer, both in the workshop and on site.

Building new organs

We mainly build small organs, assuring high quality in all areas and paying the utmost attention to detail.

The instrument shown here (master-crafted) is a unique, single-manual chamber organ with six stops. The reason why the instrument does not have a pedalboard is because it was built as part of the German examination for a master organ builder which requires a wind system with a mechanical action. This method of construction has proved to be very suitable for a chamber organ because it saves a great deal of space. The instrument (apart from the stool) shown takes up no more space than a normal wardrobe (depth: 56cm, width: 142cm, height: 222cm).

A satisfying result can only be obtained if high standards are placed on each individual aspect of construction. A finely-balanced tracker action is worthless without a sophisticated wind system and this, in turn, is of no use if the sound of the instrument and its visual presentation do not match up to the rest. Only a high-quality construction can ensure that the true sound of the organ will develop to the full over a long period of time.

Organ maintenance and tuning

Not only do we build new organs, but also carry out repairs and provide maintenance and tuning services for existing instruments. Our service vehicle is always on standby so that we can attend to your requirements at very short notice.

Restoration of reed organs

One of our main interests is the reed organ (harmonium). The warm, individual sound is captivating, and we are fascinated by the sophisticated technology of these instruments, which exist in a multitude of variations.

Before restoration work was done, the instrument illustrated here was unplayable and was generally in a very bad state of repair. Moths had literally eaten their way through the instrument and destroyed practically all the felt and leatherwork.

Our workshop carried out general repairs to the mechanical action, the soundpost and the reeds as well as recovering the entire bellows system. We also renewed all the hinges on the bellows plates.

The reed organ and the pipe organ can both be compared to a human being. Only a person who employs the correct breathing technique (and who has healthy lungs) can turn a beautiful voice into beautiful singing.

Reed organ - Replacement parts

A few years ago, we were able to take over the stock of replacement parts previously owned by Kurt Fuchs in Switzerland. For this reason, we can now draw on a wide range of parts for use in our restoration work.

Here, we have illustrated a couple of examples, showing some of the stop labels and drawstops for the vox humana and the vox celeste.

Of course, we don’t keep all of these spare parts purely for our own use. We are only too happy to assist you in finding any parts you may require. We can supply practically anything - from a single reed for a suction reed organ, a complete set of reed plates for a pressure action instrument, right through to a sub-bass assembly for a Mannborg reed organ.