Orgel- und
Thomas Reilich
Mannborg, Leipzig, Built around 1925
After years of standing unnoticed in a vestry, this reed organ was to be refurbished for use in a chapel.
Right: The surface needed repolishing, so we disassembled the case as far as possible.
The bellows after removal. Some cracks in the covering and bellows boards had resulted in a number of leaks.
With a brand new covering, the bellows now brings a new breath of life to the instrument.
After all the damages had been repaired, the surfaces polished and the edges re-blacked, we reassembled the case and re-fitted the bellows.
All free reeds were removed and cleaned as usual, and all the felts were renewed.
Console assembly. We usually renew not only the reed felts, but also the felts on the octave coupler wedges.
The felt strips for the keys and the felt guides and stops of the drawstops were also renewed.
Now looking fresh and sounding beautiful, this instrument is ready to perform perfectly in its new surroundings.